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Priorities, Moving, and Flat Matt

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Good Morning!

Monday morning and we’ve got some good stuff to talk about it. Lets get to it!
If you were doing the math and were confused this morning you weren’t alone. We used a bunch of statistics to talk about the priorities potential Caucus participants identified as important. The percentages didn’t add up to 100% because the pollsters asked for two top priorities. I have a hard time, then, listening to any argument that says Republicans put moral issues as their top priorities. Even in the top two, issues of morality got 10%. Why then do these issues get pushed? The Register explains, even if it’s small, the group identifying these issues as their top priorities are strong. They show up. Until Republicans who identify fiscal issues as their priorities show up in equal numbers…and as consistently, we’ll continue to hear how important these issues of morality are.
I say this only because the poll confirms what I suspect is true. Most Republicans care about morality…they consider themselves moral people, and they vote, in part on issues of morality. I think anyone who believes anti-abortion or anti-same sex should be a top priority, is delusional.
So Missouri is going to the SEC. Make your jokes all you like. If Iowa State has a dream season and wins eight games…they’d likely still be fourth fifth or sixth in the Big 12. Mineke Car Car Bowl anyone? Heck…even the Insight Bowl is in the dead spot between Christmas and New Year…yawn.
I like the Bowl timing and the $$ for the mid-level SEC teams better.

If I were an optimist I would say this. MIZZOU could compete. If you assume three non-conference wins each year…Vanderbilt, Kentucky and (sorry Fred) Tennessee should all be wins. That gets you to six and makes three games against Georgia, Florida and South Carolina big games. We may get hammered…but I like Gary Pinkel’s chances recruiting in the southeast and playing some of these teams over the long term.
Add to that the fact that MIZZOU stand to make three million more next year than they would have staying in the Big 12. I would also include the surge of revenue the University and The City of Columbia will get when SEC fans take a road trip to see their newest neighbor. Iowa state Fans don’t travel to Columbia…wanna bet that Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Vandy fans will?
In Basketball it’s about the same. We should be competitive will all but Kentucky. Missouri is used to having a tough road in Conference Basketball play.
Finally, i think Missouri and Kansas will find a way to work out a continuing rivalry. The Football game should move to one of the first games of the year. It would be a feature game on national TV during weekends that don’t offer too many good games. In Basketball, a border showdown over Christmas would draw A LOT of fans to Kansas City.
Overall I like it.
Flat Matt
So you all got the first clue pretty easily. We’ll try to make tomorrow’s harder. For those of you who missed it, Flat Matt was at the AE Cows. Tomorrow’s clue will go up on Facebook at 5Am. Hopefully we can redeem ourselves.
Hope you all have a good day!

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  • Jon and Lisa

    Priorities hits the nail on the head. If you feel the need to worry about what other people are doing in their bedrooms, or personal family planning, then you, my friend, need a hobby.

    As a Cyclone fan, I am sad to see Missouri go, but the prospect of playing TCU and West Virginia are much more appetizing than getting thumped by A&M and snooze through a game with Missouri. Good luck Tigers. Spend it wisely.

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