Abuse, History and Wicked

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Good Morning. My friend Tim out in Boston might say, I’m “wicked” tired this morning. Sally and I went to dinner and a show for a little date night last night. It was let when I got home…it was worth it. Good show. A little amped up sound for the first ten minutes or so, but the music and the technical crew got better as the show went on.

To the news!
What are people thinking? If you take care of kids…anywhere, you better be prepared to have any action you take against the kid you care for scrutinized. Hidden cameras are GREAT. And a great way to make sure your kids are being cared for. I’ll Quote Tim out in Boston again when he told us, “if you aren’t 100% sure your kids are with someone who will protect them and make sure they’re safe…you have to make a move to some other arrangement.”
In this case the caregiver didn’t exactly look like the brightest bulb on the tree. I hope authorities follow up.

A nice woman called to let me know that 11/11/1940 was a significant weather date for Iowa. Known as the Armistice Day Blizzard, a warm day turned into a blizzard and caught hundreds of hunters off guard along the Mississippi River. Here’s the story from the National Weather Service.

Seems like it should be off season for golf…and it is. But Tiger Woods is playing in the Australian Open and is killing it! Tiger shot 69/67 and apparently has looked great doing it. I would love to see him win again, especially going into the President’s Cup next week (on NBC). As so many people have said Golf needs Tiger.

Our Flat Matt made an appearance in the Papajohn Sculpture Garden this morning. A lot of people got that he was in the park…not many actually got the name of the sculpture. Nomade

Jaume Plensa uses letters as the basic components of much of his art, which explores communication issues whether between individuals or cultures. This work depicts a crouching, anonymous figure,
with a “skin” composed of letters from the Latin alphabet. The sculpture exemplifies Plensa’s ongoing interest in ideas presented
in written text, as well as the human body and how it perceives the world around it. He has described individual letters or
symbols as components that have little or no meaning on their own, but blossom into words, thoughts, and language when
combined with others. Plensa’s screens of letters offer a metaphor for human culture, in which a person alone has limited potential, but when formed into groups or societies, becomes stronger. Nomade engages the
viewer on many levels, from our recognition of the letters that form the shape, to our own physical interaction with the work as
we view it from afar or from inside the work’s interior space.

Good job! It’s been fun doing this all week. Maybe when the Today show does Where in the World again we can revive Flat Matt.

…and one more note. Raygun t-shirts put together a “Battle of the Weathermen” t-shirt that’s pretty funny. Our own Jeriann Ritter is dubbed “F-5” Ritter. I asked her this morning if she thought they were calling her powerful…or a blowhard?
I kid because I care…
Have a good one

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