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Waiting for Cain Decision

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Cain and Still Able?: As I write this, Herman Cain is still a Republican presidential candidate. I still have no word on when he will step foot in the state again so Iowans get the chance to ask him face-to-face about the scandals of numerous charges of sexual harassment and adultery. The candidate himself and his Iowa campaign don’t sound like they’re sharing the same message, though, on what’s happening unless I’m just completely confused. Let’s catch up…Cain’s latest accuser, Ginger White, said the two had a 13-year romantic affair, full of physical contact, text messages, phone calls, etc. Cain admits only to a friendship with the texts and calls and that he gave her money to help her out. Cain told the Manchester Union Leader today he still hasn’t talked face-to-face with his wife. He also said he never told his wife he was giving money to another woman. He told the paper he has to talk to his wife, when he sees her in person for the first time since this latest accusation went public, on Friday. Then he will decide whether to continue on it what has already been an usual, and, at times, baffling campaign.

His Iowa office released this today:

Hi all,

Mark Block, Herman Cain’s chief of staff and chief operating officer, just left a meeting at the Iowa headquarters with all four Iowa staffers. The emphatic message is that the campaign is full steam ahead. Herman Cain is in it to win it. He always has been and that has not changed.

Feel free to contact me if you want me on video saying the same.

Lisa Lockwood
Friends of Herman Cain, Iowa Staff
Communications Director

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