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Electronics Blackout, RG3 is #1, Pinstripe and Insight

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My wife and I just returned from our annual no-kids vacation. We went to Mexico for five days and did nothing. Just relaxed. It was wonderful. I also unplugged from everything. No blog. No Twitter. No Facebook. No email. No TV. No cell phone. We left an emergency number, and that’s it. If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it. I need a break, and people need a break from me. It’s just good being reminded that life goes on just fine when we’re not slaves to every thought, text, and update…

We did take a camera.

The stache is gone. November seemed like a long month. I never thought about shaving before deadline, but it’s not easy being told constantly that you look like a porn actor, used car salesman, or high school principal (with apologies to all but porn actors, but those were the three most popular references)…

Final picture of the stache.

Stache for Cash raised quite a bit of money for American Cancer Society thanks to many of you who made contributions. Big thanks to Bryce Miller, Jon Miller, Peter Tubbs, The Ridgemont in Windsor Heights, and others who made donations in the final hours. And a shout out to Darci Borcherding and Chuck Reed with the American Cancer Society for organizing this last minute crazy idea inspired mainly by Andy Fales’ desire to laugh at me…

Ahh. That’s better. (Nice shower curtain.)

My Heisman vote goes to Baylor’s Robert Griffin III…


I don’t think any baseball player wanted the Hall of Fame more than Ron Santo. It’s a shame it took him dying to finally make it…

Former University of Iowa Sports Information Director George Wine votes in the Harris Poll, which helps decide who plays for the BCS championship. Wine voted Oklahoma State 6th, one spot behind a Houston team which lost on its home field Saturday by 28 points. The system is broken…

Hawkeye fans have again come through for the team they love. Iowa had a mediocre season, with just one quality win, but the Hawks head to the Insight Bowl with a chance to make 2011 feel a whole lot better. They’ll have to beat a highly favored team to do it, but doesn’t this all sound familiar? (The IceBorg will cover the Insight for us, along with photojournalist Trent Reicks)…

The Cyclones will try to get excited for the Pinstripe Bowl, but the truth is few people want to leave Iowa for a vacation in New York in late December. Yankee Stadium, cool. New York City, cold. Still, for a 6-6 team, this is a nice bowl too. The Cyclone fans who can afford it, and it won’t be cheap, will enjoy ringing in the new year in NYC. (Chris Hassel is assigned to the Pinstripe, along with photojournalist Brandon McCauley)…


  • Cykd 4 Life

    Gunna miss the stache, truly ;-) I would love to see my cyclones play Yankee stadium. But alas, as you stated. Guna be expensive! Just wana give a shout out to my Forty- Niners!!! Whatcha think murph? Gota shot at NFC title game vs Packers? If the D keeps playin like it has (check steven jacksons total yds frm yesterdays game) got a good shot!

  • Anonymous

    As a Cyclone fan I am happy we made a bowl. After the Texas game I admit I left them for dead. Unfortunately, very few ISU fans will be able to afford the trip to go watch. Home game for Rutgers, not a fair way to end a fun season.

  • Evil Adam

    Yeah I'd love to be able to go to NYC, but sadly while I like money, it's more of an enemy than a friend, I'm not sure I could even consider it a frienemy we're so distant.

    Luckily I do know a fair number of people who are going to the game, so hopefully that's a good sign for turnout.

    It won't be the first “home game” for an ISU bowl opponent, at least this one isn't actually their home stadium… and the field isn't blue.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew Luck would be the front runner for the Heisman if he had a cool nickname like RG3 and Honey Badger. Something like, Andrew “Treechucker” Luck or Andrew “Light White Toast” Luck.

  • Anthill_Goddess

    There were three words at the beginning of this post I'm not sure I've seen strung together for many years now…”annual” “kidfree” and “vacation”. What an interesting concept to string those three words together!!

    And yeah, nice shower curtain!

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