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Franny Mac blows his top

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Well, Fran McCaffery has successfully made Iowa basketball entertaining again — although it has nothing to do with how the team is performing on the court. Franny Mac was ejected from Iowa’s 20-point loss, at UNI, for picking up a pair of technicals in the second half. I must say, I’m not pleased with how Iowa is playing right now, but I love the passion. It’s clear that McCaffery will do whatever it takes to get things turned around, and I have no problem with him blowing his top every once-in-a-while. It’s certainly better than watching Todd Lickliter fall asleep on the Iowa sideline a couple years ago.

McCaffery wears his emotions on his sleeve.

The Hawkeyes were actually within two points of the Panthers when all hell broke loose. I actually saw something I’ve never seen before in any basketball game after McCaffery’s first ‘T’. The Panthers scored 8 points on one possession — all from the free-throw line. This after Fran, an Iowa assistant coach, and Zach McCabe, all picked up technical fouls. The Hawks went from down 2, to down 10, in about 20 seconds.

For some reason, Royce White didn’t start against Prairie View A&M — not that it mattered. The Cyclones smoked the Panthers, and White came off the bench to score 12. I’m thinking it has something to do with the awful white tank-top he wears before and after games.

Iowa State hosts Iowa, on Friday. Is anyone interested? I’m certainly not…except for the fact that Franny Mac might spontaneously combust after the next bad call.

What a miserable night to have to watch the Iowa and ISU game’s on TV. Iowa State was on MC22. Iowa was on some Panther TV Network, that I hear is also a Mediacom production. It’s almost 2012 folks. The world is going to end in just a few months. Let’s upgrade the equipment for Christmas, please.

I’m looking forward to covering the Pinstripe Bowl, in NYC. I’m not going to make the same mistake I made when I went there in 2004. A taxi driver took me for a fool, because I was wearing an Iowa sweatshirt — and he was right. The dude took me for $50 for what should’ve been a $25 cab ride. No more mister nice Iowan.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most is visiting Ground Zero. I was there in 2004 when it was a giant hole. I’d really like to see the great new memorial they have built to honor the fallen.

The World Trade Center Memorial looks powerful.


  • Bobbi D.

    Don't forget to go to New Jersey and find some ugly guinea babies to make fun of. Also, I hear Andy Garmin's wife is about to have a baby, maybe you guys could make fun of it for a new TV promo. Here's your tag line;

    “WHO 13 News, Our babies are cute! Even Jerrian Ritter's!”

  • Evil Adam

    On the bright side of Royce White not starting, it led to Percy Gibson and Royce White sharing time on the court. I get the feeling we might see that look a bit more often.

  • Shawn

    If there is any question that Fran is the man for the job in Iowa City, watch his press conference from last nights game and it will erase ALL DOUBT!! Give him a two more years to get all his players in place and watch out.

    As for Bobbi D – will someone please throw some “romance” her way. She seens to be wound tighter than a watch and needs some stress relief.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Bobbi D.

    That last post was a fake!!! Someone is using my name to post with! This person will have to meet his maker one day and rot in hell!!!

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