Trump Cancels Debate

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Trump Dump, Part II: Iowa Republicans may wonder how many times Donald Trump can crap on them in one cycle. Fool me once…well, you know the rest. Trump cost the party untold thousands of dollars when he bailed out as the headliner for June’s Lincoln Day Dinner at the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines. Republican Party of Iowa Chairman has refused to disclose how much money the Donald’s late cancel hurt the bank account back then. You’ll recall Trump kept going back-and-forth on keeping his commitment to the dinner in the few weeks before it and then ended up backing out. That was after Trump announced he wouldn’t run for president. His announcement came after NBC let it be known it would continue on paying him millions for “The Apprentice”.

Now, Trump had done it. Again. Trump pulled out of the Newsmax debate in Des Moines on December 27th. He said it’s because he is considering running for president. Again. This time as an Independent, which is probably a good thing since it’s doubtful many Republicans are all that enamored with him following this latest development in the debate. “Debate” may not have been the best word for the event. Trump didn’t cite the pitiful expected candidate attendance for the debate for his cancellation. Only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum agreed to come. The rest all said, “no”, although some did it much more colorfully than that. I wonder if Gingrich and Santorum thought at all about Trump’s history with Iowa Republicans when they agreed to come. Either way, the event is off. So, Thursday’s candidate debate in Sioux City looks to be the final debate before the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses.

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