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Paul Rhoad$, Ferentz Mum, ‘Bobbi D.’

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By Chris Hasssel

Well, Paul Rhoads can now change his name to Paul Rhoad$. Iowa State’s head coach signed a much-deserved 10-year, $20-million-dollar contract, to stay in Ames. Kudos to ISU for coming up with the money to pay Rhoads a good salary, and reward a man that’s in the process of transforming Iowa State football. I’ve heard some people (mostly Iowa fans) say, “Why does a guy that has an 18-19 record over three seasons deserve such a big contract?” The answer is simple: It’s Iowa State. This isn’t Iowa, and it certainly isn’t Oklahoma, Texas, or Oklahoma State. The ISU football program won two bowl games in its 116-year history, prior to Paul Rhoads taking over in 2009. With a win over Rutgers, Rhoads will equal that total in just three seasons.

In Iowa City, Kirk Ferentz refused to answer any questions regarding the Kansas City job opening. Ferentz and the Hawkeyes held a press conference for the retiring Norm Parker, but Ferentz made only a quick statement. Does that mean he’s actually considering the Chiefs opening? I’d say absolutely not. I don’t see Kirk leaving everything he has, at Iowa, for a tough job in KC. Plus, he would likely be taking a pay-cut to do it. Kirk knows, however, that every time his name surfaces in the NFL, he becomes that much more valuable for the Hawkeyes. That’s the main reason he’s getting paid nearly $4-million bucks a year. 

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least, thanks to some woman (or man), calling themselves ‘Bobbi D.’ You can read some of its (Bobbi is an ‘it’ since I don’t know its gender) thoughts here: 

Most people think Bobbi is me. It’s not. Some others think I know who it is. I don’t. When Bobbi began posting, I thought it was a real (insane) person. But when it created its own Twitter page!/BobbisAngels … and it’s own blog, I thought it had to be someone pulling a fast one on me. Now, after a week of bizarre posts, and several incidents of Bobbi tweeting, “I hope you rot in Hell!”, to dozens of people on Twitter, I’m starting to think this is an actual deranged person. All I have to say to that is: Keep it up, Bobbi! You’re keeping me, and much of the Internet world entertained. But, please, don’t venture outside the confines of your home. The thought of running into Bobbi is downright frightening. Let’s just keep it to the Internet, please. I do wonder what she looks like, though….

Six years ago, today, I turned 21. That makes me 27. Many people think I’m well into my 30’s. It was great when I was in my teens. I could buy my friends tobacco when I was 13. I said I could…not that I actually did. I was shaving in 3rd grade — no lie. I had a little rat mustache that looked awful. The ironic part about that is that I still can’t grow a full beard. You know who else can’t grow a full beard? The IceBorg. He doesn’t even have to shave.


  • Evil Adam

    Beards are amazing, they keep your face warm in the winter and hide the fact that you have no chin (or 2 chins in my case).

    Also I have to agree on Bobbi D, he/she/it is kinda scary.

  • Shawn

    Hey Chris – this Bobbi D thing is all fun and games until you are locked in the bottom of a pit and hear the words “It puts the lotion on its skin” over and over. I would only take this abusive language for so long, if it were me.

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