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The FAMiLY Leader Endorsement

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tuesday Decision: The day has finally come. The FAMiLY Leader’s CEO Bob Vander Plaats said Monday night on Steve Deace’s radio show his group has decided to endorse a candidate. The group has held a series of meetings over the past month to look through the Republican presidential candidates. It has already ruled out endorsing Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Herman Cain. Well, Cain eliminated himself, you might say. Vander Plaats’ group sent out a release Monday afternoon saying it will announce its decision Tuesday morning in Urbandale at 10:30.

I don’t think Vander Plaats said anything about the candidate attending this announcement. But just for fun, I checked the Tuesday travel schedules for the remaining 4 candidates in the running:
Newt Gingrich: Has 10am event in Mt. Pleasant. Couldn’t make a 10:30 in Urbandale. Nearly 145 miles away. Too far.
Michele Bachmann: Has 11am in Fayette. Couldn’t make it there in time, even in her giant bus, if she’s in Urbandale at 10:30. Nearly 250 miles away.
Rick Santorum: Hmmm, this looks interesting. 9am stop in Pella. 12:30 in Mt. Pleasant. But when you start to do the math, the math gets tough. If he kept his Pella event to just half an hour, he could make the hour trip to Urbandale in time for the 10:30 start. But it wouldn’t be possible to do the Vander Plaats event and then drive to Mt. Pleasant in time for the 12:30 scheduled start. That trip takes nearly 2 1/2 hours.
Rick Perry: He’s our last chance here. Perry has no public schedule released so far for anything in the morning before 11:45 event in Maquoketa. Hmmm. So he could do a 10:30 in Urbandale and then go on with his day. However, the distance between the two cities is about 180 miles. That’s pushing 3 hours of driving. Unless, he flies, of course. Then, it might be doable. And in case you wondered, he spent Monday in New Hampshire.
So I’m going with Perry. But it’s only a guess. And that’s only if the candidate actually appears with Vander Plaats at the announcement.
Guess we’ll know soon.

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  • Anonymous

    Not knowing what 'the family leader' was I went to their website and my reaction was 'yeah, I figured”. This looks exactly like the type of folks who are either corrupt or easily fooled and I won't guess which. I will guess they will support Santorum for president.
    Sorry, but being from Pennsylvania I know first hand why he was defeated by the largest margin ever for a republican incumbent in PA. The man is an arrogant fraud. I have not seen anyone ask him about his endorsements of Arlen Specter, or Mitt Romney. Nor has anyone asked if he still tries to bill a Pennsylvania school district $72,000 to cyber educate all his kids who are residents of Virginia. He is however a good Christian who promotes pre-emptive bombing and attacks on folks who have done nothing to harm us. He also has no qualms about sending other peoples kids to wars fighting for an army he never served in. Yeah, St. Ricky is a great Christian, just ask him! lol
    Ron Paul quietly lives a Christian lifestyle and never go about shamelessly pandering it. Then again yapping about being pro life holds more value to groups like family leader than actually doing things about it. I wonder if St. Ricky ever helped support the sanctity of life act that Dr. Paul sponsored and pushed for years in congress that would have effectively negated Roe v. Wade. I wonder if anyone at this group has read the first chapter in Dr. Pauls new book which deals with abortion and the story behind Dr. Pauls pro life beliefs. I guess those things do not matter to a gang like family leader. Let me guess, they still think Bush was a conservative, and that Huckabee is not a pandering fraud who will do anything for a dollar.
    By the way, here is an old article in a usually right wing leaning paper.
    Maybe that will give some insight as to why St. Ricky got clobbered in his own reelection bid. Folks in PA are wise to this phony. Hopefully the rest of the nation will be as well.

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