New Poll, None of the Above and Big Brother Part 2

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Good Morning!
Three days of desk solitude down and one more to go before a little Vacation. There’s a lot to talk about and as you’d expect most of it has to do with politics

New Poll
The timing of this morning’s Iowa State is interesting given the fact that I heard two stories about Ron Paul, his supporters and his organization here in Iowa yesterday. The Poll Shows Paul with 27 percent Support but it also has a large margin of error Newt Gingrich is in second and Mitt Romney hold in third.
Some interesting things about Paul supporters from this poll: They are younger, less affluent and generally less religious than supporters of other candidates. I hear younger and cringe a little. That, combined with a story about a kid from out of state who is working for Ron Paul here in Iowa and I think Howard Dean.
You have to feel bad for Rick Santorum. More people are undecided in the poll that are declared Santorum supporters. The question is will his numbers change given two big endorsements?

None of the Above
I think we answered some of the lingering questions about The Family Leader’s influence in Iowa when the group couldn’t pick a candidate to support. Instead The Groups leader BVP makes a personal endorsement of Rick Santorum. See yesterday’s post.
If Santorum is the guy who best fits this guy’s picture of who the nominee should be, and the candidate has been as consistently low in the polls as he has been; what does that say about the judgement of the Leader? It would see he is so far out of touch with the mood, opinions and politics of conservatives that he’s picked their last choice.

Take a Hike
That’s what we’re all going to do come January 1st. It looks like Congress is going to stay deadlocked over a Payroll tax break that everyone agrees should be exteded. The disagreement comes over paying for it.
Republicans have painted themselves into a bit of a corner here because no one wants to vote for a tax hike in an election year. My conservative friends point out that this is playing politics to lower income Americans…and they’re right. the average household is going to get $1000 back over the year. Now that’s not chump change in my house…but over 26 pay periods? You’re talking about enough to go out to dinner one more time…or pay your cell phone bill, or maybe your water bill.
I saw this analysis of the standoff in The Washington Post last night and this is the part I can’t get past. It looks like Republicans WANT the fight. They want to make a point. they don’t seem that interested in making the government work. If they do, they risk people feeling as if things aren’t broken. that would be good for the President. This one may blow up in their faces though. I think people are more frustrated with the fact that these guys are quoting Braveheart and digging their heels in then they would be with an honest debate that didn’t go the way they wanted it to go.
LinkI can’t stand it…it makes my skin crawl. It brings to mind words like squirrely, weasel, vindictive and weak. And let me be clear… Democrats are no better. They’d be doing(and in fact , did!) the same exact thing if the two sides switch places…

Big Brother Part 2
So ISU is working on technology that allows digital advertisements, the kind you see at the Mall, to look back at you, identify who you are and come up with an ad that matches your demographic. That’s a little scary. I don’t feel like I need that kind of targeted media in my life but I guess its coming anyway.

So I am downloading apps for the iPad and I am interested to hear any opinions on the best apps for kids. I don’t want games..Ii am looking for something that has a learning component to it. What are your favorites?

As always opinions on these or any other stories you are interested in are welcome. I hope all of you have a good day!


  • Wendy Trout

    Regarding IPAD apps: Search under “Everyday Math.” They currently have 12 free apps (until Christmas). Ankeny Schools use Everyday Math as their curriculum and my kids like playing the games. Not sure if the age bracket works for your younger kids, but worth checking out.

  • Bethany

    My kids LOVE the Super Why app. We watch the cartoon on IPTV every once in a while. It played an important role in teaching my kids their letters and eventually how to read.

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