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CNN Poll, Sorenson Bails, Bachmann Won’t

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Wow…what a day! I thought the CNN-Time Magazine Iowa poll was big enough. Rick Santorum’s support tripled in just 3 weeks time in Iowa? Newt Gingrich lost more than half his support? Mitt Romney and Ron Paul made nice 5 point gains, too. But, wait, there’s more. Much more.

Tonight, Kent Sorenson, the state senator from Indianola, endorsed Paul. No big deal, you say? Sorenson was one of Michele Bachmann’s earliest and most outspoken opponents. He joined Bachmann at an event earlier today. But tonight at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, he announced he switched teams. And with just 6 days left. Wow. The Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson calls it “devastating” for Bachmann.

Then, there’s this “Shotgun Wedding” proposal: Convince Santorum or Bachmann to drop out. Although, it sounds like this comes from Santorum supporters who have asked Bachmann to bail. And she says she won’t do that.
Oh, and Jesse Jackson is stopping by the Occupy Iowa Caucus headquarters in downtown Des Moines Thursday night.

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  • Anonymous

    I think you meant to say Sorenson was one of Bachmann's earliest and most outspoken “supporters,” not opponents. And, probably one of her highest paid Iowa staffers.

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