Caucus Hangover

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Good Morning…
First things first…I owe my wife BIGTIME. She sat straight up in bed at about three thirty this morning and woke me up. If she hadn’t I would have slept straight through the show.
It didn’t help that I crawled into bed at about midnight last night…but that was my choice. I didn’t’ want to miss being a part of our coverage on one of the most exciting news night we cover here in Iowa. I thought I had set my alarms…apparently not. Either that or I woke up…turned them of, and went back to sleep. The whole thing is a blur.

So here are some Post Caucus thoughts:
-The winners last night proved that a well developed organization makes a difference in Iowa and personal connection with voters also matters.
-A win is a win but Mitt Romney’s lack of expansion on his 2008 result has to be a bit alarming. the fact that conservative voters here backed a candidate that EVERYONE outside Iowa gives ZERO chance of actually winning the nomination is striking. A large portion of Republicans are looking for anyone but Romney. I asked a long time Iowa Political activist about that last night. I related a story I saw where a woman outright admitted, for her, it was Romney’s Mormon faith that disqualified him. The activist responded saying, “Most people won’t say it out loud but it’s there”. That’s just sad.
-Scrutiny is coming for Santorum. When he first got into the race the only thing I could remember about his Congressional career was that he was a neo-conservative with a reputation as having a prickly personality. He sure didn’t show that side in Iowa…
-I was at his Headquarters so I might be biased here, but I thought Texas Governor Rick Perry showed a lot of class in his speech. He had a bad night…instead of ignoring the result and trying to spin it…he gave an honest answer, saying he needed to reflect on the results. It wasn’t a downer for his supporters who’d worked so hard for him…and yet it showed a grasp of reality some other candidates haven’t shown.
-Maybe it’s just me but if you’re about to get your tail kicked in the New Hampshire Primary…after pouring all of your time and resources into that one primary…maybe making fun of someone who’s actually won a nominating contest isn’t a good idea.
-I did two segments with a Chicago radio station last night talking about the Caucuses. It was a nice conversation and really fun for me because I grew up listening to the station. I was STUNNED with the other guest’s lack of knowledge about Iowa and the Caucuses…but their willingness to draw conclusions about our state.
-The best analysis last night came from people who were rightly pointing out that Iowa’s never been a Kingmaker. It’s always a place that tests the field and might even narrow it. that looks to be the case here taking a six person race to four…On to New Hampshire…the candidates will be back as their Party’s Nominee by Fall.

Hope you all have a good one…I am going to get a nap

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  • Stefan Shirley

    I have to say, Iowa reporters are some of the luckiest people this time of year. You get to confront the nation's biggest political leaders with questions some of us on the sidelines wish we could ask. I wonder if there is ever a bias when reporting though.

    I oftentimes listen to Fox News on my 40 minute drive to work and every time I hear the silly phrase “fair and balanced” I just want to scream! There is nothing fair and balanced about a room full of republicans who chastise anyone who doesn't believe the same way they do. Their bias is clear … but what about the local news? Are they all bias or is there some bit of fair and balanced reporting there?

    Just some additional thoughts and questions to your notes.

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