Session, Tragic and Best/Worst of the Weekend

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Good Morning.

I hope your weekend went well. Ours was pretty quiet. I’ll get to the highlights in a moment.

The Session

They say it every year. Democrats and Republicans say they’re ready to work together for the session. Every year so far…that promise falls apart by the end of week 1.
Lets hope these men and women can put some of the knucklehead stuff aside and concentrate on getting the economy working again.

I just can’t imagine what happened to the 22 year-old mother of the twins who died over the weekend. Police aren’t saying much and I would never pre-judge something like this without all of the circumstances. it is, however, a reminder that Iowa is a state where you can bring your newborn into a hospital and drop them off no questions asked. We need to remind people of that more.

The newly renovated Veterans Memorial Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center opens today. The Polk County Supervisors will either be vindicated or vilified.
When the County announced it sold the naming rights of the new facility…people were not happy about it. The County tried to explain the decision and that they thought people would be impressed with how Veterans were featured in the new building. You decide today at four.
So the Republicans are getting a bit chippy with their debates…I can see why. Mitt Romney looks like he is going to steamroll to the nomination. I confess I don’t understand why social conservatives continue to be hell bent on not nominating this guy. A hard line Social Conservative is NEVER going to win more than 20 percent of the vote in a General election.
Too many people, even people with strong personal views on subjects like abortion and marriage, don’t want the government getting involved with those issues.

Best Worst
We had a good and a bad weekend…
The good? Sally was in the drive-thru line for Coffee Saturday morning. the line was really long and she’d been waiting a while already. A guy pulled up next to the line from the parking lot. She waved him ahead of her. Well, the guy paid for her coffee! he told the lady at the window he thought it was really nice so he just wanted to say thanks!
We also saw the latest Sherlock Holmes. i thought it was good, though the use of the camera technique where they slow things down was a bit overused. I thought the interplay between Robert Downey Jr and Jude law was great.
Finally the bad. You know I don’t like to bust on a business by name here and I will continue that here. That said, We had a horrible experience getting the boys hair cut Sunday. We got them up after their nap and were there in plenty of time before closing at 4pm.
The two women who cut their hair couldn’t have been less interested in doing a good job. I could have cut their hair better than they did.
Sally asked the gal to cut no more than an inch off Will’s hair…She gave him a crew cut…bye bye curls…
JT isn’t the easiest kid to keep still during a haircut and he tends to scream so I know isn’t the easiest job, but still… if you want to give buzz cuts…go into the Army. If you don’t like kids…don’t work at a place with cheap haircuts. We won’t be going back.
There are so many people out of work right now who would kill to have a job. These two acted as if they were doing us a favor by being there.

Hope you have a good start to the week!

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