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Cyclones Miss, McCaffery Mad, Paisley Tie

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Iowa State had a chance to really fire up the fan base with a win against Missouri, and the Cyclones had their chances, but they just made too many mistakes, and aged Fred Hoiberg several years in one night by shooting 13 of 25 from the free throw line. Royce White is fun to watch, but if he doesn’t find confidence at the line soon, the Big 12’s version of hack-a-Shaq will play out all over Big 12 country…

Bill Fennelly’s Cyclones had a gut punch night in Lawrence, Kansas. The Clones, looking to avoid going zero and three in the Big 12, let late leads slip away twice, and lost in double overtime. ISU has much work ahead to make it back to the NCAA tournament…

I love Fran McCaffery’s passion. I’ll take a coach who shows emotion over one who looks like he’s going to fall asleep on the bench (Lickliter) any day. However, McCaffery needs to not slam chairs or throw objects. Watch where that chair lands in East Lansing—at a player’s feet…

The Marcus Coker mystery at Iowa is doing no one any favors…

Hello, winter. Welcome back, though I didn’t miss you…

Two emails on my tie tonight. That seems crazy. One viewer loved the paisley look. Another person asked if I lost a bet…


  • bobthebunter

    ISU had their chances to beat a top-ten team, but they seemed to lose their intenstiy for the final 10 minutes of the game.
    The poor free-throw shooting really hurt, but I think the guys were just pooped out maybe due to the fact that Missouri had so many good players.

  • Anonymous

    Keith — honest question: you say the MC “mystery” is doing no one any favors. Do you think Iowa should spill the beans? Coker? The alleged victim? Honestly, I hear all kinds of comments from media types (and, yes, fans) about the silence surrounding this, but don't privacy laws matter? Do you want Ferentz to have a presser to discuss all this alleged stuff? I know it's your job to find out and report on these things, but sometimes circumstances–legal or otherwise–prevent that. Agree or disagree?

  • Keith Murphy

    I think the U of I at times, but not always, hides behind privacy laws when the U simply doesn't want to share the information.

    Iowa has no hesitation sending out media PR releases on the academic achievements of its student-athletes, which fall under the same laws.

    In the case of Coker, I didn't editorialize what Iowa should do, since I'm not privy to potential legal issues. I said the mystery was doing no one any favors. It's not, especially Coker. I could show you more than 20 emails with five different theories of what someone's “source” told them Coker did.

    Kirk Ferentz could certainly address the concerns fans have, and should have, for five straight running backs leaving the team within 16 months.

    Even if you can't discuss some details because of privacy laws, you can still get out in front of the story and slow the rumor mill, which is not primarily powered by the media, but rather the fans.

    Thanks for the question.


  • Anonymous

    And thanks for the honest and thoughtful response. Touchy–and tough–subject in this day and age of social media and instant gratification.

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