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The Big Mo, Drunk Shopping and M-I-Z!

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Good Morning!

Back in the saddle after a quick day off. I decided to take Tuesday to watch the National Championship game. Boy, was that a mistake. Anyway it was nice to be able to see the game…
I guess I spent too much time with my kids too. JT got his Mother and I sick. Sally got the worst of it. I’m fighting it off.
To the News:
The Big Mo
So Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire by the expected huge margin. I’m still waiting for my explanation of why evangelicals hold so much sway. They can’t come up with a consensus candidate and many of them openly admit they’re willing to vote for Romney because he can win in the Fall. None of these hardcore social conservatives can win…that’s the bottom line and it should show voters who support their causes that these are not the issues voters put at the top of the list of concerns. It’s not that they’re not important, it’s not that they’re not relevant to a candidates overall profile. It’s just, when people start talking about who the “most Biblically qualified” candidate is…it makes a lot of people…may of them devout Christians…VERY nervous.
Holding Back?
The Governor’s condition of the state included a proposal to test the reading skills of third graders in Iowa. If they don’t meet reading levels, they would be held back. Teachers Union objected…and you can understand why. Put yourself in a teacher’s place. They take this VERY personally. It’s not as if a majority of teachers are indifferent to their students abilities once they leave their classroom.
I can see how they would take holding a student back as a personal criticism. I can see how it might be very difficult to explain to a third grader, and even harder for that child to deal with leaving their friends…not to mention the embarrassment of being held back.
That said, its time for everyone to get over themselves. People learn in different ways and in varying time frames. Why can’t we come up with a way to embrace those differences. Sometimes you can give a kid every opportunity and they’re simply not ready to take advantage. We shouldn’t discard those kids…but we shouldn’t pretend that they are at the same level as the kids around them. Which is worse, hurting a kid’s feelings or crippling their future when they leave school unable to read? This isn’t always about the teacher’s ability, or the parent’s involvement or the curriculum. Sometimes kids simply need more time. We should give it them and create a culture where they can do it without heaping shame on themselves.
We have to stop pretending every child has the same ability. We should simply continue to help kids grow and learn in the ways that suit them best while still holding them to a standard.
The case of a Huxley Mom who admitted to killing her newborn twins hits home with me. As someone who struggled to have kids for years, I have little sympathy for someone who finds themselves in an unwanted pregnancy and doesn’t give the child up. Iowa’s Safe Haven law makes it even easier to absolve yourself of any responsibility without committing murder.
Drunk Shopping?
A lot of us have done things we regretted in the morning after a night of drinking. I can’t ever say I’ve been online shopping after a night at the bars…
The fact that websites not market to this? that may speak to a larger societal problem…
The #9 Missouri Tigers Come to Hilton Coliseum tonight for a game against Iowa State. Missouri got demolished last time they played so I am not sure how they’re going to react. Hilton is already a hard place to play. This is going to be a real test. Iowa State is better than expectations so far…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Missouri lose.
Day Off
So we went to the mall yesterday to get the boys out of the house. First, if you’re looking for a time when the Jordan Creek Play area does not resemble a scene from lord of the Flies, go at 3-4:30. We had the place to ourselves for the most part.
There were a few parents, and I am sorry to say I saw one of them drop her children off and go shop. I’m not kidding. The boy was 6-7, the little girl was no older than 3. She ended up wandering out into the Mall. Some nice person brought her back crying and looking for her Mother. the Mom didn’t seem to understand why it was a problem that her kid was left alone. Unbelievable…
I hope you all have a great day. Jeriann says to expect snow by 10PM. The winds also kick up, so it’s likely it will not only look but it will also feel like Winter by this time tomorrow.
Have a good one!


  • Curt Brown

    The woman who left her young kids alone in the play area should be charged with child endangerment.
    My boy is 6 and I won't even let him play in our own yard out of my eyesight.

  • livnbig

    The tragedy involving the twin newborns is beyond heartbreaking. I have no knowledge of the situation other than the news that is available to everyone. Before you judge the mom, consider how very ill one would have to be to do this. Mental illness trumps logic every time. It could be that she is this ill. My prayers are with her and the family at this time.

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