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Snow Way!, Stretching and Random Thoughts

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Good Morning!

We are waking up to snow covered streets and sidewalks this morning. I can finally break out the snow blower. Murphy’s Law applied to Jeriann this morning. Her computers had the hiccups while she was trying to digest all of the weather information…get us a forecast and let people know how much snow actually fell.
It was a little frantic for about an hour on set this morning before she got things under control.
Saw the story from the Des Moines Firefighters Union this morning claiming they will be left watching buildings burn down if budget cuts go through. Of course, they’re exaggerating for effect.
If six of their firefighters and one of their Paramedic Crews are eliminated that’s fewer union members. It’s the Union’s job to protect those jobs.
Unfortunately, the jobs are where the majority of expenses are spent in the City’s Budget. I could be totally off base here, but I don’t think the entire City Council and the Professional managers of the City of Des Moines would look at a budget scenario where Firefighters couldn’t do their job and think it was the right thing to do. Will it be more difficult down six firefighters…you bet. Could it mean a response time might increase? It could…
I doubt, however we are going to see video on the news of firefighters standing around watching a building burn down because only two firefighters are on the scene of a fire.

I get why they’re doing it, but you hate to see the Union playing on fear to save the jobs.

Grasping at Straws
Isn’t it funny how a guy who decides to run for President can’t then let go of the idea even in the face of overwhelming odds. I wonder what the people around you say. I wonder what goes through their heads? What are they seeing that we’re not. I’m referring to Governor Perry in particular. He’s got the money to stay in the race, but NONE of his messages are resonating with voters. You could argue he is hurting is party’s chance at winning back the White House. Is that what conservatives want? They don’t like Mitt Romney so much they’d like to see four more years of the opposition party in the White House?
I supposed you hang in there because you never know what is going to happen. Things have been so fluid that undecided voters really could propel a candidate to the top of the polls.
Still, if your name isn’t Mitt…the numbers aren’t looking good.
Random Thoughts
-So Sally and I were out at the Mall this weekend…as we walked to our car we found a credit card on the ground. I picked it up and tried to get on my phone to see if we could locate a phone number for the owner. We couldn’t, so we called the credit card company to tell them what happened and that they should cancel the card. They couldn’t believe someone was calling to do the right thing. It took a little explaining…but we finally got them to contact the owner and cancel the card. Still, through the process of doing this, both Sally and I wondered if we should just leave the card on the ground or not get involved…the thought crossed both our minds that if the card had been misused…anyone would naturally suspect we were the ones who’d misused it. That’s too bad. In cases like this trying to do the right thing should be easy.
-I finally pulled the trigger and got one of those health monitors you wear on your arm all day. Mine is the BodyMedia Fit. It’s supposed to give you a more accurate count of the Calories you burn on a daily basis…this one is also supposed to monitor how well you sleep. We’ll see. The scary part of starting this is that you have to accountable to yourself…something I am not that good at. The most difficult part is the food. Trying to come up with serving sizes, and calorie counts for food not already in the system is no fun. I am finding I am conscious of the choices I am making with the armband on. When you know you have to count your food….it makes it harder to binge.

I hope you have a great day!


  • JC

    The only problem I had was one City Council member saying, “You may have a little longer wait time, it's not that big of a deal.” I'd like to see if he del the same when if it were his house burning down or his spouse, mother, child, etc. needing an ambulance. I fully understand cuts needing to be made and difficult decisions that must be made, I just thought the “eh, it's no big deal if you're having a heart attack you'll have to wait longer” attitude was too flip.

  • dlj387

    Patrick, I think you need to do some more research and see what being a firefighter/paramedic entails. See what the national standards are for response times, minimum sized crews, staffing per person/area… you know journalism/research. You blog about America being lazy as BK now has delivery in several states well point in case right at you… you obviously don't understand what you're talking about and were too lazy to research it instead just spewed from the hip.
    The important thing to really think about Patrick is personal safety. Your assessment that its the union is only half correct and taken out of context. The union is the brotherhood of firefighters who through a combined stronger voice are saying that lives could be put at stake, both the public's and theirs. The people at the IAFF headquarters aren't the ones directing what the members of Local 4 are saying, the members of Local 4 are genuinely concerned about safety, that's why they are firefighters. They are dedicated to helping others and when their ability to help others is compromised why wouldn't they say something about it? A couple of years ago the DMFD added a medic unit because of the city's expansion and increased call volume and now because the city leaders continue to mis-mange they want to remove firefighters and a medic unit because it's convenient and easy to cut that. Doesn't make sense. I challenge you Patrick to research, ride along with these brave selfless firefighters and see what it means. When literally seconds count and can absolutely make the difference between saving a life and losing one it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how cutting services could affect outcomes!

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