Red Light Cameras Reducing Accidents

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It's been six months since a handful of Des Moines intersections were selected to host red light cameras and Des Moines Police say they're working to decrease accidents.

The red light camera analysis looks at the accident statistics from July to December.

The devices are at five of the city's over 6,200 intersections. The intersections include East 15th and Maple St., 19th and University Ave., MLK Junior Parkway and School St., Southeast 5th Street and Army Post Rd. and 9th and Grand Avenue. The areas were selected last year due to a higher than normal amount of accidents.

Des Moines Police say since the cameras were introduced the number of accidents at the five intersections dropped 33-percent. That is compared to the same period for the previous four years.

The biggest decrease in accidents was seen at the Southeast 5th and Army Post Rd. intersection.