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Good Morning.
I have some catching up to do again this morning and as usual, that lead to some random thoughts poured out over this blog. Excuse the mess.

So Mitt Romney is a rich guy. that seems to be the headline from the release of his tax returns. Not sure why he didn’t get on this one sooner. It seems more of a PR bungle than anything else. I have to say I am surprised at the response on our Facebook question. The rate you “pay” in taxes and the effective tax rate are two completely different things. If you think you pay 28 percent…think again…you probably pay closer to zero after tax breaks, charitable giving etc. I also take exception to the idea that this guy “didn’t pay enough”. He paid three million dollars!
The tax code is too complicated and certainly people game the system in order to pay less. That said this does not seem the case in Romney’s return. He made money off investment. That rate is 15%.

The noise ordinance was put in place FOR Val-Air Ballroom and now they want an exemption? I don’t think so. Having lived in that neighborhood (and that’s a stretch) I spent a lot of summer nights wide awake while the music that was a mile away pounded through my window. I’d like to see the venue get great acts. Why can’t the owner soundproof the place? If it makes you so much more money to have these louder acts play at your venue…why not?

For the last two year the City of Des Moines has been working with a developer to build south of the Court District for two years. Now there are people complaining about the Developer getting tax breaks and that the project didn’t “fit in” in the area.
Well, people who live downtown choose to live in a more dense space. That’s your choice. A hotel isn’t going to disrupt your life. I would think this is going to be a lot of traveling business people.
As for supporting “local” developers…where have they been for the last couple years…for the last ten for that matter?
If it had made good business sense they would have done it. Maybe a smaller developer couldn’t take on the risk and this larger corporation can?
I just have a hard time believing that the City of Des Moines and the Des Moines City Council would reject local developers if they’d presented themselves. If there were no proposals, then the city should make the best deal it can.

Bad Pitch
No joke, a friend of mine got a brochure from Carnival in the mail yesterday. It was pitching a Cruise on the Costa Concordia.

I was disproportionately excited to find an email in my inbox from LL Bean the other day. it said my new slippers had shipped from Maine. If loving a new pair of slippers makes me an old man…then I don’t wanna be young.

We have no Bananas
This is my best recollection of a conversation I had with JT at 2AM the other day:
Me: Buddy why are you awake?
JT: I’m upset because I need a banana.
Me: Just take a drink of your water buddy…
JT: (takes a drink)…Is Will asleep?
Me: He is buddy
JT: Is Mommy asleep?
Me: Yeah She is too
JT: Are the bananas asleep?
Me: Yeah buddy…the bananas are asleep too.
JT: but I can have one when I wake up…
Me: You bet…
JT: OK goodnight.

We’re #2
I won’t lie, I am having fun watching Missouri win this season. It’s fun to have the #2 team in the nation…but like many Missouri fans I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. We play Kansas in early Feb. I am hopeful but not confident.
Either way this makes an early March trip to Vegas for the first round of the NCAA Tournament an even better idea this year.

Hope you have a great day!


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