Michael Swanson sentenced for the deaths of both Iowa store clerks he shot and killed last November

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Vicky Bowman Hall’s family heard what Sheila Myer’s family never did. In court, Michael Swanson said he’s guilty. The smile we saw earlier on Thursday was wiped from his face when he confessed to killing the 47-year-old mother of 11.

Swanson said, “I walked into the cross roads convenience in Algona, Iowa. I was armed with a firearm. I demanded money and cigarettes from the clerk. I then intentionally, deliberately and with premeditation shot the clerk causing her to die. I did this with a specific intent to kill her.”

The confessed killer sat in court wearing a bullet proof vest.

After he pleaded guilty, Bowman Halls’ daughter and two sisters spoke directly to Swanson. They asked him why he did this to their family and his. They wanted to know if he was sorry.

Other families chose to write their statements down but in the courtroom and on the stand, those who loved Vicky Bowman Hall couldn’t hold back their tears or their anger.

“I know I’m supposed to be a Christian but I hope really bad things happen to you here,” said Jillian Bowman, daughter of Vicky. “I hope you suffer terribly everyday you are in prison. I hope you live a very long, painful life. Nothing anyone can do to you will be justice for what you did to my mom.”

Swanson’s two life sentences will run concurrently. It’s more of a symbolic measure that he will be punished for both women’s murders.

The judge also ordered him to pay $150,000 in restitution to both families.