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A mother gives birth to a thirteen pound, twelve ounce baby at Mercy Hospital

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When they entered the birthing unit at Mercy Medical Center on Thursday, the Stewardson family was expecting a baby.

Family members did not expect their child would be the biggest naturally born baby the hospital had ever witnessed.

Kendall Stewardson holds the titles of wife and mother.  Now, you could add “wonder woman” to the list.

The five thousand or so infants who arrive at mercy hospital each year are precious and special, but woah, baby!  …this one is a big deal.

Like most second children, Asher`s delivery is compared to the first child.  Asher’s brother, Judah, weighed in at a whopping twelve pounds, but Asher looked smaller on the ultrasound, and he took just over six-hours of pushing.

Kendall says, “And when he came out we all thought he was smaller and then we put him on the scale, we were very surprised, but he`s three inches longer.”

Twenty-three and a half inches, total.  But the weight, that`s what really got the nurses talking.

Thirteen pounds, twelve ounces.  What`s more amazing is that Asher was born naturally. Meaning no surgery.  And no drugs for Kendall during delivery.

There are risks to a baby born nine days past due, and at such a large size.

“So, everyone like double takes when they see him, but for us it`s pretty standard and it wasn`t much worse than probably most people`s” says Kendall

Kendall’s husband, Joshua says, “And just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we`re definitely very blessed that way.”

Kendall says it was all worth it for their new little wonder.  “And he`s really sweet, so we got a good package at the end of it, too.”

According to the national council of health statistics, only 1 in 1000 newborns weighs more than 11 pounds.

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