LIVEWELL MINUTE: Vascular Center for Excellence

As blood is pumped from your heart, it must then move through the arteries and veins of your body. Your vascular system must work perfectly for your good health.  The Vascular Center of Excellence at Iowa Methodist is a comprehensive program providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD.

Dr. Douglas Massop, MD,Vascular Surgeon, The Iowa Clinic says, “From the 80s on, Iowa Methodist has been a leader in vascular care. This early expertise has developed extensively. We now have a comprehensive array of diagnostic testing and treatment options to help patients get back to great health.”

Iowa Methodist-based vascular specialists treat a wide range of problems, from large vessel aortic disease to end-vessel diseases such as diabetes, stroke and renal dysfunction. And, patients often have the opportunity to participate in advanced clinical research studies.

Massop continues, “We’re able to provide patients with the latest and most advanced medical, endovascular and traditional surgical treatments with outstanding outcomes and quicker recoveries, right here at home.”


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