ANIMAL TREATMENT: An animal rights group released undercover video Wednesday of what it calls cruel treatment of pigs at an Iowa hog confinement facility

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An animal rights organization hopes undercover video taken at a hog confinement operation can spur change.

Compassion Over Killing, a non-profit animal advocacy group, had a private investigator take video inside a Leland operation that supplies hogs to Hormel. The group says the video shows standard practices, it calls cruel, that the industry needs to change.

The video shows pregnant and nursing pigs being kept in small crates that allow for very little movement. Baby pigs are also shown being castrated without any use of pain medication. Intestines from dead piglets are also processed into a “gruel” that is fed to the pigs.

The video taken at the farm shows nothing illegal, but COK still says the treatment of the animals is cruel.

A bill at the Statehouse would make it illegal to take undercover videos like the one taken by the group’s investigator. It’s the so-called “Ag gag bill” and would prosecute whistleblowers trying to expose practices of agriculture producers.

The animal rights group is meeting with the farm operator Wednesday to discuss the video.