Hope for Spring, TCU Arrives, Total Consciousness (which is nice)

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The Iowa Cubs’ Scott Sailor sent this picture from Principal Park. I love it. It’s always nice to welcome our visitors from Canada…

I can’t wait for baseball season. My two young kids can’t either. Spurred by Zach Borg’s memories of his dad pulling him out of school and taking him to a baseball game, and my grandfather doing the same, I surprised both Cade and Colin with an I-Cubs game last April. Got the go-ahead from their teachers first, of course. The kids haven’t forgotten either. They bring it up about once a week. I’ve already told Cade he better bring that math grade up or no cold baseball for him…

Nashua-Plainfield’s Cody Marks showed why many coaches didn’t want their state qualifiers wrestling in the team duals Wednesday. Marks broke his hand and is out of the tourney. He says he now regrets wrestling. Nashua-Plainfield did go on to win the dual title. The Iowa High School Association is in a tough spot, and I’m sure it’s more complex than we realize, but it seems a move to earlier in the season makes sense…

Jeremy Lin did it again. Seven straight for the Knicks. Even Andy Fales’ is paying attention to the NBA. That’s when you know the story has left the boundaries of fandom…

Great stat from Iowa State: Royce White is the only player nationally to lead his team in scoring (13.2), rebounding (9.2), assists (4.8), steals (1.2) and blocks. Notice free throw shooting did not make the list…

Could TCU have made a worse first impression on the Big 12? No. It could not. TCU is making West Virginia look like Stanford…

Andy asked me what I think of when I think of the Dalai Lama. Easy: Bill Murray in Caddyshack…

Carl Spackler discusses the flowing robes.

Anyone who travels through Drake frequently, like I do, has seen Paul Morrison walking no matter the time of year. Morrison has served his beloved Drake University for 78 years. Wednesday, Drake surprised Morrison with the news that part of Forest Avenue will become Paul F. Morrison Way. Great idea.

Thanks to Drake for the picture.



  • Don

    90 percent of college students drink illegally or smoke weed! Where is the big story here? I hope they expose I.S.U. next! Get a life people! I think Iowans are more upset that T.C.U.'s third string could destroy any of Iowas teams!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with don! Get a life people and yes the horned frogs will always be a better football team than any in iowa!

  • Ryan Riley

    The students broke the law, got caught, and will be penalized. It's news. Yes, it could have been a much worse crime they committed, but it's still a crime and they should be punished.

  • Evil Adam

    Don your numbers are… well, made up unless you can find me an actual source for them. Besides even if by some miracle that statistic is accurate you'll note the difference here is not just using but SELLING drugs, which we can be reasonably certain a large large majority of college students do NOT do.

  • Anonymous

    Just because “everyone is doing it” doesn't mean it's not still against the law.

    And, players and students playing an active role in a ring whose intent is to sell and distribute illegal substances is, in fact, news.

    By saying “all [or excuse me, “90 percent of”] college kids drink or smoke weed”, you are trying to excuse or make excuses for the behavior. Well, it's still AGAINST THE LAW.

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