Internet Gambling, Up all Night and Birthday 2.0

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Good Morning!

I’m finally seeing the results off the antibiotics I’m taking to get rid of this sinus infection. It’s amazing how much of your energy it takes to fight that off if you don’t have the drugs to help. Also amazing how much it helps to be able to breathe.
The News:
Internet Gambling
A Subcommittee passed a bill that would allow Iowa Casinos to regulate Internet Poker. The Lobbyist pushing the bill says Internet Gambling would actually HELP find problem gamblers. That’s a nice spin but I don’t think that’s actually going to be the case. I am conflicted on this one.
Internet Gambling is happening at staggering levels…and that means Iowans are gambling without regulation. That means the state is missing out on Tax money AND anyone with a problem Gambling can do it in the secrecy of their own home.
That said, trying to make this about helping people? That’s absurd. This is about money. If this passes, the money needs to go to help businesses who lose all their money with a creditor defaults because of a gambling addiction. Some of the money needs to go to gambling treatment. The fact of the matter is, it will go to the General fund to pay for the things Lawmakers don’t want to tax you for…like roads.
Sin Tax
Speaking of bad ideas, the State of Illinois is thinking about putting a tax on soda. I understand the motivation. We are all paying for people who drink this stuff like it’s going out of style and then wonder why their list of health problems is longer than a five year-old’s Christmas list.
I really think this one is turning. I don’t have a problem with schools and communities driving home the message that your choices have consequences. I see a time when we, as a society, start saying, “This was your decision”. Think about where we are with smoking.
As a Parent I am trying to teach my kids to approach food differently. I am trying to be a better example. All of these things are changes in the Marketplace that will help drive the choices companies make about their drinks. Isn’t that the way its supposed to work?
And just in case someone was going to argue they shouldn’t tax cigarettes in the same way….They haven’t proven Coke and Pepsi are adding ingredients in a massive conspiracy to addict people.
A writer named Tim Huppke with the Chicago Tribune had a story in the paper the other day about the debate going on concerning birth control and the Catholic Church. His point is that an honest debate and reflection is never a bad thing, yet so many people seem unwilling to do it. See last week’s blog for a conclusion on that.
I hope you read that article and listen carefully to the conversation about Faith that the Candidates for President are having. Rick Santorum says he wasn’t questioning the President’s Faith when he said The President believes in a “Phony theology”. He argues, he was talking about The President’s World View.
You have to ask yourself, what will it be about YOUR World View that Rick Santorum doesn’t like…and wants to legislate against?
I’ll add this, and ask…maybe I am just stupid…someone explain to me how this isn’t a double standard?
Have you ever wondered why your team got a ten seed instead of a nine? Writers from around the country got to go through a mock bracket selection for the upcoming NCAA Tournament. I thought it was interesting to see what they had to say about it. It will certainly bring about better commentary when the Field is revealed.
Up all Night
So we had a story about new Dad’s being so tired they are having more “near misses” at work. it’s getting more dangerous for them. What was your reaction to this one? Do Dad’s have it harder than they used to? Are we sharing more of the overnight responsibility? Debate….
Birthday 2.0
We had a really fun “first”, 3rd Birthday weekend. Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players were again, awesome. It really is fun music if you have little kids. We had a little party Saturday night at dinner where the boys got their Strawberry cake and Lemon cake. Then, Sunday morning Sally put together a great brunch for some friends and their kids. The good and bad news is…the Boys “get” presents now. I walked in the door this morning and JT announced that he would like to open some more presents this morning.
Actually he is in luck because we begin Birthday week #2 for the boys. My parents are headed to Des Moines to Celebrate with our kids, my Nephew Oscar, My Dad’s Birthday and My Brother’s Birthday. Should be a wild party.
Speaking of Parties. We are headed to a “Princess Party” for another three-year-old Saturday. The Problem? The Missouri/Kansas Game is on at 3pm.
This may be the last game in one of the oldest Rivalries in College Basketball and it could end up being one of the best. There is certainly a lot on the line. Missouri is trying to win the Big 12 on the way out to the SEC. KU is looking to avenge a loss in Columbia earlier this year…along with making an argument for a #1 seed themselves. I will be finding a TV.
Have a great Day

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  • Anthill_Goddess

    Many of the fathers I know are taking on more and more responsibility with their children, including staying up with them when they're sick, etc. Depending on the type of job they have it very well could pose an increased risk of injury. I know that my husband's job requires him to be alert…he works in a manufacturing plant. When the kids were sick (or wouldn't sleep for some reason or another) I generally took the overnight shift with them so he could sleep. When he got done with work he'd be home so I could grab a nap. I'm not sure how single parents do it…they amaze me with their ability! [My own mom included!]

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