Moisture, Spring Blooms and Eagles

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The snow and rain that fell over the state yesterday was welcomed by most. We need to soak up every inch of rainfall and snow melt.

Most of the state is considered to be in a moderate to severe drought. The map from the Iowa State University Agronomy Department shows most of the moisture fell over the western 1/2 of Iowa. It was primarily rain.

There is very little frost in the soil south of Highway 30. This will allow the moisture to seep into the ground. Usually the snow melt is run-off this time of the year.

We had this picture of crocuses sent to our photolink file yesterday. Annette Johnson sent this hope for spring from Pella. I was expecting tulips.

The picture is perfect…love to see the flowers but my concern is for freezing temperatures in March. We have mild weather right now…but there is good chance for cold air to snap into the area next week.
The frost and freeze could destroy many a garden with early blooms.

More signs of spring. The Eagles in Decorah are watching over a couple eggs in their nifty nest. This picture of the second egg was sent to our photolink file as the snow was falling over the eagle camera.
You can see the live stream of the nest on this link.,0,1147216.htmlstory

Enjoy the sunshine today. It will be windy, but high will again make it up to the middle 40s. I expect we will be close to 50 tomorrow.
Colder temperatures are back for the end of the week.

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