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Good Morning…

I said yesterday…I thought Iowa St was going to be a problem…and it turned out I was right…what a game! The Cyclones ave Missouri all they could handle. I can see Iowa State making a run to the Sweet 16 if they get a good match up in the first round or two.
Who knows who is telling “the truth” abut how the debate came up over two gun bills in the Iowa House. Democrats walked out in protest yesterday because they say they were told the bills weren’t coming up. Republicans say they were on a list of bills that might come up as of last Monday so Dems should have known.
The whole thing was odd.
I am not sure why Iowa needs further protection of gun owners rights beyond the Second Amendment. I think that makes it Pretty clear…

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Someone explain to me why we need an Iowa Amendment?
I am no expert on Gun rights for sure…and I should say I support the right of people to keep guns for protection of their home and for recreational purposes. That said I fall in the middle on gun issues. The words WELL REGULATED come first in the text..that’s no mistake. I think it would be hard to argue that the framers didn’t intend SOME regulation of guns. In fact the Militias of the time were HIGHLY regulated and guns registered. The idea that if gun owners give just a little, the Government will simply take away their guns all together is, to me, paranoid. I think even people who don’t own guns would side overwhelmingly with Gun Owners if the Federal Government ever tried to restrict the right of someone to have a Gun in their home or use a gun for hunting or sport shooting.

I’m not sure I could ride a bike while drunk…so I’m never going on RAGBRAI. It’s too bad a few people indulging in booze have to ruin it for everybody. Adults should be able to enjoy an adult beverage in moderation in a place like the High Trestle Trail Bridge.
So Greg Edwards came in and game me crap for wearing my Missouri tie this morning. Forgive me for having a little school pride.
That said, Mike( our Floor Director this morning) said someone wrote to the Murph and Andy show to complain. this guy thought I was wearing the tie after Iowa losses in an attempt to antagonize Hawkeye fans. Really? I can’t imagine why there are people who think Hawk fans can be over the top at times.
I’ve been wearing the tie after Missouri wins. I can’t help it that Iowa loses as many Games as Missouri wins…it’s coincidence…just kidding just kidding…
Seriously, I have said over and over that I love to see what’s happening in the Iowa and Iowa St. Basketball programs… My interest in these teams is simple…I want to see them compete for Championships every year. That makes my job a lot more interesting.
Hope you have a good one!



  • Anthill_Goddess

    I'm not exactly sure, but was one of the gun bills the “Castle Law” one? My understanding of that is that it would prevent a person who uses their legally owned (and registed and have a CCW if applicable) firearm to protect their home, car, or business from prosecution for harming someone trying to break into those things?? I think that one is just to shore up any loose ends? It's been talked about in such vague terms I'm not sure what bills they're actually discussing at this point.

    My only complaint….”suite 16″??

  • Patrick Dix

    Anthill…no no…that's the motel the Clones would stay at in the Reno Sectional….the Suite 16
    Good catch…I'm an idiot…a sleep deprived idiot…but non the less…an idiot.

  • Anthill_Goddess

    I would never call you an idiot for a simple typo. I'll reserve that for when I disagree with you politically. That's the correct way to do it, right? /sarc

    Oh, now that would be a fun hotel/motel to build, wouldn't it? Basketball themed and name it the Suite 16! Hmmmmmmm…I wonder if it's been done?

    I think we've all made similar mistakes. Try and get some sleep! I know it's not easy with the work schedule and kids!

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