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POWERBALL PRIZE: Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing made a Des Moines a million dollars richer

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A Des Moines man is a million dollars richer after the latest Powerball drawing.

The Iowa Lottery says 54-year-old Gary Higens matched the first five numbers in Wednesday’s drawing, but missed out on the $40 million jackpot by not matching the Powerball.

Higens, who is a manager at Florist Distributing, accepted his prize at the Iowa Lottery headquarters Thursday morning. He says he and his wife buy one ticket for each Powerball drawing and use family birthdays to help choose their numbers..

Higens says the prize money will help with home remodeling, investing for retirement, and allow them to help out their children. “We’ll start from the top and work our way down. The house needs a new roof, so that’s something we can get done pretty quickly.”

This is the second $1 million Powerball ticket sold in Iowa since ticket prices were raised to $2 and the odds were made easier.