VP VISIT: Joe Biden Visits ISU

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Vice President Biden talked about how important the manufacturing industry is becoming in the country. He says many not only are more manufacturing jobs being created, but many are moving back from other countries.

Vice President Joe Biden commended students at Iowa State University Thursday for their innovation. He told the crowd efforts like theirs are the key to creating more jobs, and making America an economic leader.

“You and your colleagues across the country are going to bring tens of millions of people in America back to work in entire new industries and entire new areas,” Vice President Biden said, as he addressed a crowd of more than 300 at ISU.

Vice president Joe Biden says the work being done right now in America’s schools and universities isn’t just beneficial for the country’s economy; it’s what’s going to keep America on top worldwide.

“I think it’s important. As he said we are the future of the country,” said Ethan Standard, a Junior and community and regional planning major.

“I think it’s great he wants to ensure more funding for the research and the engineering here in America as well as companies coming back,” said Jared Juel, an Aerospace Engineering Major at Iowa State.

After his speech, the Vice President opened it for questions. Students not only asked about manufacturing jobs and job creation; the Vice President allowed questions on any topic.

“I thought the questions were right to point,” said Vice President Biden.

Before he addressed the crowd, Vice President Biden also took a tour of some of the schools classrooms and engineering projects.

Joel Juel described the moment he was asked to show the Vice President around and demonstrate the equipment as a “big shock.”

“I showed him some of the wind turbines we been making, the smaller scale models that we make for the wind tunnel test that we do here,” said Jared Juel, “When I heard he was coming, I was excited he would just be here at Iowa State, but then to actually meet with him shake his hand was really cool.”

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