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Who was your favorite teacher – and why?

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Who was your favorite teacher?

Tonight Dave Price brings us another report on education in Iowa – we hope you’ll tune in at 10.

In the meantime, let us know what you think makes a teacher great.

I freely admit I was a geeky kid. I always liked school (and most of my teachers). Here are a few of my favorites from elementary school…

Mrs. Piercy (4th grade), Mrs. Zahm (1st grade) and Mrs. Schumacher (2nd grade). This picture was taken several years ago at my folks house in Chadron when we held a 40th anniversary/going away party for them before they moved to Arizona.

What I remember about each of these women is that they made learning fun and as a kid you could feel how much they cared. They encouraged me in the subjects in which I excelled (reading and writing) and were patient and helpful in the subjects in which I struggled (math and science).

My list of favorite teachers (from kindergarten all the way through college and beyond) is long. I was also blessed to have two great teachers at home. My mom and dad made it clear that learning and doing well in school were priorities and they led by example. When I hit third grade and thought my head was going to explode learning multiplication tables my mom started setting the kitchen timer and drilling me with flashcards. Not fun – but I learned the material. My dad’s mode of teaching was more practical. We counted money and I saw him balancing the checkbook. Also not fun (to me) – but effective. It’s funny, the only joy I ever got out of math was when I started waiting tables my freshman year in high school. I LOVED counting my tips and eventually had an odd affection toward the ancient cash register that required you to make change in your own brain.

Sound off here about the various proposals to reform education in Iowa, and tune in tonight!


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