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Going to to take the last 15 minutes of the Nooner for some rapid fire blogging

-Thanks to Murphand Andy for having me on KXnO radio yesterday. Some guy was convinced my Missouri Tie was actually a Hawkeye tie…and that the wearing of the tie was a not so subtle dig at Cyclone fans. Where do people think this stuff up? We had some fun with it…and I love the show. Now I can say I’ve really made it…I’ve been a guest on KXnO
-The City of Des Moines is in a pickle. The Iowa Supreme Court affirmed a lower Court ruling that says Franchise fees on Utility Bills are illegal. So it looks like the City will be paying back about $40 million. If you thought this round of budget cuts and Property Tax hikes were bad…
-Tiger Woods still doesn’t get it. A book came out written by a guy who was in Tiger’s Inner Circle when he was winning majors. Te book is, at time, not flattering. I can understand feeling betrayed and not wanting to forward to story…but the less you say…the more of a story it is. if you go on and on about it…take the high road…say you’re disappointed wish hank the best…blah blah blah…There’s nowhere for the story to go…it’s one day. Instead Tiger decided to mock the reporters who asked legit questions….Where’s the New Tiger we were promised?
-So we ran a story on the Noon news today that said going gluten free if you are not Celiac is of no benefit. The experts this reporter put on said, like anything else it’s a balance. If your body isn’t allergic to gluten…you should be eating things that contain gluten. Those products give you important pieces of your nutrition. Now that isn’t a license to go out and eat five plates of white noodles tonight…but you get the idea. All things in moderation.
-If you can make it through the weekend…the 60’s are coming next week! Have a good one.

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