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BACHMAN INTERVIEW: Presidential Interview

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President Barack Obama is working on his re-election campaign, touting what he says is progress on breaking U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

Channel 13’s John Bachman visited the White House Monday and asked the president about some Republican critics who say his administration is to blame for rising gas prices. They argue prices at the pump when he took office were at $1.85.

“I think most Americans will remember that in the year running to my election gas was actually higher than it was now. The only reason it went down was because we were plunging into a great depression that we yanked ourselves out of. So demand for everything had gone down. Ultimately though, the single most important thing we can do is reduce our dependence on foreign oil. And the fact that we have reduced our dependency by a million barrels a day, that over time is going to have a big impact,” President Obama told Bachman.

The White House says last year, domestic oil production reached an eight year high and oil imports were at a 16 year low.

According to, the national average price for a gas prices sit at $3.76 a gallon. Here in Iowa, it's at $3.71.

Iowa lawmakers are considering a gas tax hike to pay for road repairs and make up a $220 million transportation deficit.