FAMILY FEARS: Soldier Families Worry

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With some residents of Afghanistan vowing revenge after a U.S. serviceman reportedly gunned down 16-civillians, family of local soldiers admit they’re scared.

Cassie Kibling tries to keep her mind busy.  Her husband, Tech Sergeant Paul Kibling, is one of about 300-soldiers serving with the 132nd Fighter Wing in Kandahar Province.  Cassie says she tries not to think about the possible danger her husband and his fellow soldiers face.   "You try just not to think about it." she says, "Because the more you think and ponder about that situation or any situation, you dwell on it and it kinda gets to you, gets to your gut."

There are a number of resources available for families of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.  Families can contact their unit's "Family Rediness Group" or find other resources at