MORNING BUZZ: Reform, Unfair? and Countdown

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I hope you all had a good start to the day.  A foggy one, but I think he temperatures are going to more than make up for the glum start.


As the Legislature debates Education reform I am curious about a few points.  I should simply ask my third grade teacher Sister for her opinion on this one, but there’s a provision about holding back kids who can’t read at grade level.  Why is that bad?  The reasons I heard in our story were, that’s too late and that it would affect the kid because they would be made fun of.  I’d like to ask one of the adults at the literacy program at Drake what they would say about that?  Is it better to get a kid earlier than third grade?  I’d like to ask my sister, do we actually have a good handle on a kid’s reading and comprehension ability pre-third grade?  and I wonder what the illiterate adult would say about being made fun of for being held back.  Would hiding the lack of reading ability to save their feelings make up for the inability to read as an adult?  My point is, when DO we catch it if not in third grade?

This is an impossible one for teachers.  No one wants to have a kid who can’t do the things they’re “supposed” to do by the end of a year spent in your classroom.  That said…educators know better than anyone…kids learn differently and at different speeds sometimes.  What do you guys think?


Caught an article on Politco that pointed out the Media’s seeming inability to call President Obama to the carpet on some of the things they went ballistic over when GWB was in office.  Interesting.  Any thoughts here?  Is it fair to assume a Republican is plotting an evil scheme behind closed doors because he’s a Capitalist Pig, while assuming the same closed-door meeting with a Democrat produces a principled debate?


Congrats to all of the Iowa Women’s teams in the big Dance.  Like to see games where I can root for a homer.  The 24 Hour clock is on for me.  Tomorrow at this time (or close to it) I’ll be Vegas bound for a long weekend of Basketball.  I filled out my first bracket this morning.  Should be fun.