SYNTHETIC POT: Hoover Students Hospitalized

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Des Moines School officials say two students who are suspected of using synthetic marijuana have been hospitalized.

Phil Roeder with the Des Moines School District says two students from Hoover High School had to be transported by ambulance to a local hospital because of the incident. Roeder says, “Obviously we hope for the best for their health, but at the same time these students will face disciplinary action.”

Some synthetic marijuana substances, like K2, have been banned in Iowa but changing formulas and new products have made it difficult for lawmakers to keep up.

One proposed bill at the Statehouse would give the Iowa Pharmacy Board the power to temporarily ban a substance like K2 if they find it harmful. Another would create stricter penalties for anyone caught selling the substance.

Last month, three students from East High School had to be hospitalized after smoking synthetic marijuana.