TAX CREDIT: Students Help EITC Advocates

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A group of children is helping advocates send a message to lawmakers.

Children from Molton Extended Learning Center in Des Moines are helping push for an expansion of the state’s earned income tax credit.

The children’s families benefit from the tax credit. That credit goes to working families making less than $45,000 per year to help purchase things like food and new clothes.

The idea of expanding the tax credit is nothing new at the Statehouse.

“It was voted on and expanded by the last legislature but twice vetoed by governor. so we are calling on continued support of the EITC in Iowa,” says Tom LaPointe with Every Child Matters In Iowa.

The senate passed the expansion for the third time last month. It would raise the credit from 7-percent to 20-percent over three years.

The House hasn’t taken action on the bill yet this session.