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IWD BUDGET: Lawmakers Must Take Action

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Gov. Terry Branstad and Iowa lawmakers will be forced to work together to figure out the budget for Iowa Workforce Development after it was invalidated in a ruling Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Gov. Branstad used a line-item veto to close 36 IWD offices last year and the money saved, about $3 million, was used elsewhere. The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the governor’s veto was unconstitutional and he couldn’t re-purpose the money the legislature had specifically allotted for the IWD offices.

At his weekly news conference Monday, Gov. Branstad said it wasn’t practical to re-open the IWD offices that have already been closed. He says the new system of electronic kiosks in across the state serves unemployed Iowans better.

The legislature now needs to restore funding to IWD to avoid layoffs and other budgetary shortfalls.

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