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MORNING BUZZ: Laughter + Sunshine = Good

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Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Patrick is still enjoying some time off and hopefully returns from Vegas in one piece.  Every time I think of Vegas, I cannot help but think of the movie, ‘The Hangover.’ And every time I think of the ‘The Hangover’ I think of the scene where Ed Helms’ character wakes up with one tooth missing. Classic! I doubt Patrick got that wild and crazy, but hopefully he didn’t work too hard at drowning his sorrows over the Missouri loss on Friday. That’s his alma mater and he was rooting for the Tigers, but you gotta love a good game and that certainly was one!

Speaking of basketball, how’s your bracket looking? I told you I filled one out for the first time and I am happy to report I am not in last place.  I had Missouri going to the Final Four, but I love to see a good Cinderella story. Loved seeing Lehigh and Norfolk State win games no one thought they would. Was hoping to see Iowa State beat Kentucky but Kentucky couldn’t miss a shot in the second half. If only both teams had played like they usually do, this could have been a much tighter game. Next year! And hopefully Royce White will stick around another year.

Ok… enough sports…. starting to sound like a Keith Murphy wannabe. Last night Eric and I went to see our favorite comedian do a show at the Civic Center. If you have never seen Jim Gaffigan on t.v., check him out online. Here’s a link to one his routines. It’s really short but I promise you’ll get a chuckle out of his take on bacon.  I’ve never been a huge fan of stand-up comedy, but this guy makes me laugh so hard I cry. And last night he didn’t disappoint. He also proves you don’t have to be vulgar to be funny. And frankly, I think it takes a true talent to you laugh without using words that would make your grandma blush.

That’s it for now. Even though I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, I’m feeling great. Must have been all the laughing I did last night and the great weather we’re enjoying. Have a great day!



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