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MURPHY’S LAW: Spring Arrives, Basketball Departs

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By Chris Hassel

Spring officially begins on Tuesday, and so does spring practice for Iowa and Iowa State. I haven’t been less excited about a football season in over 10 years. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m sad basketball season is over. I can’t wait to see what ISU and Iowa do next season. I think both teams will dance.

Andy and I talked to Fred Hoiberg on the Murph n Andy show, today. Fred says the technical foul he picked up against Kentucky was the first ‘T’ he’s received since middle school (yes, middle school). He got T’ed up before a game for hanging on the rim. He was dunking in middle school. I was 6’2 in 5th grade, and I’ve never once come close to dunking a ball.

I had a great time covering the Cyclones in Louisville. The town was neat, the arena was brand spankin’ new, and Iowa State delivered with some exciting basketball. It’s just too bad they had to play Kentucky on that night. UK played its best game of the season.

Wondering how our work tournament pool is going? Probably not, but I’ll let you know anyway. Someone named ‘Kat’ is leading with 51 points. Keith is tied for 51st with a measly 39 points (Andy didn’t fill out a bracket). And Mr. Know-It-All, Zach Borg, is 82nd out of 95 entries with a laughable 35 points. He had Colorado State winning it all. What about me, you ask? Oh…I’m ahead of all those idiots, in 25th place.

The Monday after the first and second rounds is one of my least favorite days of the entire year. I love the first weekend of the tournament. It’s, without question, the best 4 days in sports. Anyone that tries to argue otherwise is clinically insane.

Baseball season is coming. I must admit, I’m at least a little bit interested in the upcoming season. As a Cubs fan, I’ve had no interested what-so-ever in the past two seasons. I’m ready to get behind the new ownership, and I’m ready to see the Cardinals without Albert Pujols.

Ever wondered how long a pumpkin will last? I’d say about 5 months. The pumpkin we got for Halloween is still sitting in our garage and it’s beginning to rot. I really want to chuck it at something.

When you pass a mint bowl when exiting a restaurant, how many mints do you grab? I usually take at least 5. I think as long as you leave at least 1 or 2, you can take as many as you want.

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