SEXUAL ASSAULT: Testimony In Bertolone Trial

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Twenty-two-year-old Anthony Bertolone is on trial this week for the alleged sexual abuse of his friend two years ago. Bertolone is accused of engaging in sex acts with his fraternity brother while he was passed out.

“We were friends. We had common interests and we got along,” says Bertolone’s accuser on the stand today.

As a rule, we do not identify victims or alleged victims of sexual abuse. Aside from him, his fraternity brother says Bertolone didn't have many other friends. He testified that their friendship became awkward when Bertolone tried to make sexual advances towards him.

“I said, no stop. I mean this isn't right. I tried to push him away and put something between us and that was that,” he said.

That was until the Drake graduate he found graphic images showing Bertolone performing sex acts on him without his knowledge or consent. The alleged victims say he copied them from Bertolone's computer to keep as proof.

“I knew that no one would believe me if I told them I had been sexually assaulted in my sleep over the past year and a half,” says the accuser.

Bertolone's defense claims the two fraternity brothers were inseparable and had a close relationship. They got drunk together, smoked marijuana together and even slept in the same bed together.

“Were you were that your son smoked in a period of ten months marijuana with Mr. Bertolone over 60 times?” asked defense attorney Alfredo Parrish.

“I was not aware of that,” said the father.

Bertolone's defense asked that a Polk County judge determine his guilt or innocence instead of a jury.

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