F-16 FIGHT: Governors Present Budget Options

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The Council of Governors is proposing an alternative plan to keep the U.S. Air Force from cutting an Air National Guard unit in Des Moines.

The council, which is co-chaired by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, met in February and devised a plan that would keep the same number of F-16s in Des Moines. The plan calls for a 2,000 reduction in guard personnel nationwide, compared to the Air Force’s proposal of cutting 5,500.

In a letter to the Air Force officials, the council said, “We proposed a comprehensive alternative that would decrease operational risk by increasing surge capacity, preserve the experience and technical expertise of the ANG (Air National Guard) at a greatly reduced life-cycle cost, and exceed targeted savings.”

The group says it was disappointed with the Air Force’s plan because it, “fails to consider the ANG’s cost-effectiveness, high level of experience, and homeland defense and emergency response missions.”

Air Force officials are expected to meet with the Pentagon on Friday to discuss the cost cutting measures.

Take a look at the proposal here.

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