Morning Buzz: Standoff, Stickaforkinit, and Get a Job

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Good Morning…

Taking it as it comes to us this morning….There are a lot of stories of note.


French police have a guy surrounded this morning in an apartment as I write this.  He is suspected of shooting a rabbi and three kids at a Jewish School in Southern France.  The man is said to be linked to al Qaeda and allegedly shot the kids in retaliation for the deaths of Palestinian kids.  Where does someone’s brain go wrong that they feel like the death of a child will make up for, or bring justice to any situation?


Former Speaker of the Iowa House Christopher Rants wrote a great article on a few topics this morning in the Sioux City Journal.  I always enjoyed talking to Rants because he is a really smart guy.

His point is that a prolonged nomination fight doesn’t help the eventual nominee. You have to wonder what the endgame is for Rick Santorum.  He said last night that in a huge loss in Illinois, he “won areas populated by conservatives”.  So the implication is, if you didn’t vote for Santorum, you’re not a real conservative.  Isn’t it possible that there is a majority of people who consider themselves Conservative or Republican that just don’t agree with Santorum’s brand of Conservatism?

Get a Job

That’s what State Sen Matt McCoy said to Bob Vander Plats yesterday.  McCoy was responding to Vander Plaats group, the Family Leader and it’s rally at the Statehouse yesterday.  FL wants Iowans to vote on the definition of Marriage.

McCoy called The group’s message, hate.  The leadership at the State Legislature isn’t going to bring the definition of marriage to a vote.  I’m not sure the Family Leader would like the outcome if it did.  Polls show a majority of Iowans would not vote for a Constitutional Amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s decision of same-sex marriage.

That leads me to a question.  I get The Family Leader’s emails…and the majority ask for a donation to keep up the fight against same-sex marriage….But why would you continue to contribute to an organization that has failed to get any of its goals achieved…and in fact has so little influence that the Party leadership won’t even push for a vote in the House where Republicans hold a BIG majority?    The creation of the Family Leader and the group’s activities seem to have pushed Iowans to make a decision on the issue of same-sex marriage…it just seems to be the opposite of what the FL is pushing.

NFL Tough

The Saints got slammed with fines and suspensions this morning over “Bountygate”  Head Coach Sean Payton is suspended for the entire year!  In other news: Tebow to the Jets for a fourth round draft pick.

White Out

Looks like Royce White will be leaving Ames for the NBA.  News Conference at 2:20.

Have a Great Day!


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