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SEXUAL ASSAULT: Former Drake Student To Testify

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On Thursday, a former Drake University student is scheduled to testify in his own defense.  Anthony Bertolone is accused of videotaping himself raping his former Sigma Chi Fraternity brother.  The alleged victim claimed to be drugged, passed out, or asleep on the different occasions when the alleged abuse is said to have occurred.

On Wednesday in a Polk County courtroom, the alleged victim’s friend and former roommate, Evan McKenzie, described what he saw on an occasion when he walked into their room and discovered Bertolone.  McKenzie said, “(Bertolone was) standing next to the bed with his hands up toward the (alleged victim’s mattress and I said, `What are you doing!?` Like, `What are you doing in here?`  And he`s like, `I`m talking to (alleged victim).`  I`m like, ‘Okay.’  I had no reason to believe anything was happening.”

McKenzie said that Bertolone and the alleged victim had a complex and tumultuous relationship.  McKenzie said that Bertolone showered the alleged victim with unwanted gifts, such as an iPod and vacations.  McKenzie said that Bertolone was obsessed with the alleged victim.

Other witnesses described the sleeping arrangements that Bertolone and the alleged victim shared during a ski trip and a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks.  More than a dozen witnesses testified on Thursday, including Drake University’s dean of students and the defendant’s parents.

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