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HOCKEY FIGHT: Bucs Accused In Attack

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A brawl at a hockey game is nothing unusual.  But two Des Moines Buccaneers players are facing charges after police say they attacked two spectators in the stands, and one of those spectators was a 79-year old man.

Police say 17-year old Buc Tanner Karty and teammate Kevin Irwin attacked Fargo Force player Neal Goff Saturday while Goff and his grandfather were watching the game.  Police aren't sure whether Goff's grandfather was targeted, or whether he was hurt trying to break up the fight.

"One of the Fargo Force players was assaulted and his grandfather was also assaulted by a couple of buccaneer players" said Urbandale police officer Jeff Casey, "It was actually in the arena in the stands.  If it's off the ice then that makes it a criminal matter."

Goff admitted he used a racial slur referring to Bucs player Trent Samuels-Thompson, who is African American, the previous night.

Irwin faces two charges of assault causing injury--and if convicted could spend a year in jail.  Karty's case has been sent to juvenile court.  A spokeswoman for the team says both are suspended, but traveled with the team to Fargo for a game Friday.  Police say they expect both to turn themselves in when they return to Des Moines.

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