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PRICE OF POLITICS: I Just Don’t Understand

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Questions, Questions: The sun has finally broken through outside and so, too, has my curiosity. Here are some things I just don’t quite understand:

How did Mitt Romney’s advisor ever make that Etch-a-Sketch comparison about how Romney will handle the general election? I believe it was one of his first remarks in the interview with CNN, so does that mean he thought about it beforehand? Was there a preconceived purpose to the analogy? If so, I don’t get it.

Isn’t it a bit beneath those who want to become the next president to stand on stage holding an Etch-a-Sketch to rip on Romney? Rick Santorum has done well enough in the race to stay relevant, but he can never quite do well enough to truly make the case this race is his. But how does it help his cause to hold one of those props to make fun of the Romney campaign? Doesn’t that reek of desperation or at least give off the slightest whiff or desperation?

And what about Newt Gingrich? Gingrich seems to get his jollies by taking shots at the “elite media” as he chastises them (sometimes rightly so, I  might add) for failing to focus on the issues facing our country. So how does he argue that it’s presidential to resort to a stunt on stage?

I just read another article that said oil prices and consumer demand for gasoline are down. Why then do prices keep going up? Something doesn’t add up. Maybe I should have taken another economics course in college. Or maybe a speculation course.

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