Each year in the United States, falls from windows account for an estimated 5,000 injuries, in some cases death.  Blank Children’s Hospital wants to remind anyone who watches infants and small children to be on guard for the potential of this often overlooked hazard.

Anne Garinger, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Blank Children’s Hospital says, “Don’t depend on screens to prevent falls. In 80% of window fall cases, a screen was in place.  Keeping beds and furniture away from windows can prevent a child from climbing up to the window and falling out.”

To ensure your child’s safety install a window safety device that comply with ASTM standards. Only open windows children can’t reach or are secured with a compliant safety device.

Garinger says,”Teach your children to play a safe distance from windows, for example two giant steps.  Lock all unopened windows and never leave young children unattended near open windows.”


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