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MORNING BUZZ: Campaigning, Opening Day and Extras

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Good Morning…

Working with two pregnant women this morning makes for some interesting moments.  Brooke says she’s been in a bad mood (though she’s usually so nice, her bad mood qualifies as a GOOD mood for most of the rest of us), and Megan says she can’t find anywhere to hang the wireless microphone on her maternity pants…

Just in case you were wondering what we talk about on our commercial breaks…


was thinking as we were reading that this was the first “official” campaign stop in Iowa for the Vice President….that’s laughable.  Every stop is a campaign stop and the President, V and First Lady have all been in Iowa in the last month and a half.  That’s not coincidence….that’s campaigning


I find the arguments at the Supreme Court fascinating!  I can’t get past the issue of expanded Federal Power in this law.  If the Federal Government can force you to buy a product…where does that stop?  I think it’s a valid question and one that the Justices seemed to center in on.

Anyone who thinks this argument is that simple is crazy.  The more Liberal Justices pointed to a very valid issue as well.  We are all, whether we like it or not, going to use the Healthcare system at some time in our lives.  The people who aren’t buying Health Insurance/can’t get insurance are driving up the price.

There’s got to be middle ground but I fear we’ve polarized this argument so much that, particularly Republicans, won’t be able to backtrack and come up with a law that addresses the situation without violating the Constitution.  There are solutions…we’ll see if our leaders have the backbone to find them…or if they prefer to have the argument and NO solution, because it keeps them in power.

Opening Day

The Mariners play the A’s this morning in Japan.  It was going on while we were on the air.  This is not a pre-season game.  It counts in the standings.  Why not just play this game next week?  If you’re going to have “Opening Day” then have it!


The Company tat makes that “pink slime” beef filler is here in Iowa.  They’re talking about lay-offs.  The Governor went to Twitter to defend the company yesterday.  I think he’s got a point.  This stuff is safe to eat and the campaign to get it banned is implying that it’s not healthy.  I think it may not be a plate of broccoli but I also think it’s irresponsible to suggest it could hurt you in some way.

I would have kept buying meat or burgers from companies who used the filler…


Interesting articles I found today:

-Here’s one from USA Today making a compelling argument that the airlines are holding seats so people HAVE TO pay more for premium seating.  It’s unethical at BEST.

-Speaking of Airlines how about the Pilot that went crazy on a flight from New York to Vegas?  How scary!  I just go done watching the CEO of Jet Blue on the Today show…he did EXACTLY what you should do in a situation like this…get on TV and answer, as best you can, the inevitable questions.  It means this isn’t a story by tomorrow and your company is out of the negative headlines…

-I had a conversation the other day about something up that I think is worth all of us considering.  This kid on trial, accused of sexually abusing his fraternity brother; if he were a man accused of doing that to a Woman…this Fraternity would already be shut down.  Why is this case different. There was a sexual assault caught on tape at a fraternity.  Do we think it’s different because it is a man with another man?  What if it was a woman assaulting another woman?

Is Drake going to act?

These are some of the random thoughts from this morning:  I enjoy reading your comments…so please do!