BPI SUPPORT: Thousands Gather To Support BPI

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A northwest Iowa community is coming together to send a message to the rest of the country: beef is beef.

Fifteen-thousand people rallied outside the BPI plant in Sioux City to try to put an end to the beef controversy.

Over the past couple weeks, several businesses have said they will quit using or selling the lean beef trimmings, otherwise known as "pink slime."

More than three dozen businesses came out to show their support for the product and the Sioux City business.

Regina Roth, BPI Co-Founder says, “It is sustaining to see how the community has rallied around this company. And it's just amazing how many friends we have. From the non-profits, to the chamber, to officials.”

The FDA says the product that's been used for decades is safe and they don't plan to change their stance on the product.