MURPHY’S LAW: Kentucky Civil War, Urbandictionary, Sign of the Times(line)

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Can you imagine what it would be like if Iowa and ISU met in the Final Four? Now imagine that, and times it by 1,000. That’s what it’s like in Kentucky, today. Kentucky is a state (actually a commonwealth) that, in some cases, puts basketball before family and religion.

I’m still not sick of college hoops, but I’ll be happy when I don’t have to see the State Farm commercial where the two dudes dance on the JumboTron, every 5 minutes.

The Thomas Robinson story is one of the saddest I’ve ever heard. Kansas’ All-America big man lost his grandpa, his grandma, and his mother, in a 25 day span. Hard not to root for a guy that’s been through something like that. Most would completely fall apart.

I hate watching basketball games in a dome, but they did a pretty good job making the Superdome, in New Orleans, look decent. I covered UNI’s Sweet 16 game against Michigan State at the Edward Jones Dome, in St. Louis. It had to have been the worst basketball environment I’ve ever seen. And that includes Carver Hawkeye Arena in 2009.

I have a friend that spends his entire day reading urbandictionary. To make matters worse, he’s a co-worker, so every 15 minutes he comes and shows me the new term he’s learned about. I’m not going to say it’s not always appropriate, because it’s never appropriate.

I’ve golfed 10 times already, this season (including one time in January). I’m no better than I was to start the year. Golf is easily the most frustrating sport one could ever pick up.

So Facebook is about to force all of its user to switch to a “timeline” format. I get the fact that businesses must be pro-active to stay ahead of the curve and keep improving, but it seems like Facebook makes a major change just as I’m finally getting used to the last major change it’s made. Familiarity is so underrated.