NATURAL LIVING: Iowans Learn To Go Green

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All you need to know about healthy and sustainable living is under one roof this weekend.  The 7th annual Natural Living Expo will attract thousands of Iowans to Veterans Memorial.

Green living comes in all shades.  “I'd say a light green.  We do mostly the food thing.  Try to keep it natural, local,” says Mike Schumacher, a father of three.

Luann Pearce falls on the middle of the line.  “I'm not totally green all of the time.  I would admit that, but I'd like to learn more about it,” she says.

That`s what the Natural Living Expo is all about.

“We try to create a fun and exciting event where people can learn about what's offered in our area and ask questions in a non-intimidating manner,” says Michelle Peiffer.

One hundred vendors are on hand this weekend sharing tips about natural, green, sustainable and healthy living.

“We're very eager to help people learn. Once you learn, it's just a learning curve like anything else,” says Joy Hirshberg with Green Building Supply.

Her family’s business in Fairfield sells natural, non-toxic building materials.  Hirshberg encourages people to start small when going green.  Even changing cleaning supplies can make a big difference.

“A lot of people are more green than they think they are because little things like changing light bulbs and recycling do make a huge difference and that's what we want to recognize and support,” says Peiffer.

The Natural Living Expo runs from 11AM to 4 PM tomorrow at Veterans Memorial.

Admission is $5 for adults.  Kids under 18 are free.