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MORNING BUZZ: Drive-by, Couric/Palin and Broadway Series

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Good Morning

I finally turned on the a/c last night as we were going to bed.  It seemed like a waste because it was going to cool off today.  I had fans going upstairs and down but couldn’t keep the house cool enough to sleep comfortably.  I’m glad I did.  The temperature gauge outside the back of the house said 77 when I got up this morning.  Jeriann says it was wrong.  Still, it was warm.  The cooler weather is here today.

The News:


Someone drove by three homes on the near-north side last night and fired a gun at them.  Don’t know if this was random stupid or some sort of targeted intimidation for the neighborhood.


It was the battle of the powerful women this week on morning TV.   CBS had Oprah…ABC brought back Katie Couric and NBC has Gov Sarah Palin.

ABC would be NUTS to let Katie go.  Seeing her in the morning format reminds me how good she was.  She got a little snarky for my taste at the end of her Today show run…but bottom line she is very good in a format that every network is trying to win by wrestling it away from The Today Show.

As for Palin’s appearance…She did fine.  She showed she can laugh at herself by burying herself in papers as they showed the first shot of her…ha ha… She gave predictable answers with Matt…

I  still don’t like it.  I mean, it did exactly what NBC wanted it to do.  Twitter was buzzing with comments and questions about it.  That said, I don’t like giving co-hosting duties to someone who is so Political…and for the record, I wouldn’t like it if they gave Howard Dean the desk either.

Moving on

Des Moines superintendent Dr Nancy Seibring is headed to Omaha to lead the District there.  I join the list of people wishing her well.  I suppose this is the problem when you bring talented people to Des Moines.  They tend to move to bigger jobs.  That said, this District had the opportunity to hire a very talented person who was from Des Moines and probably would have retired in Des Moines last time around.  With no disrespect to the job Dr Seibring has done, I wonder if they are reconsidering that choice now?


Kudos to The Civic Center leadership for bringing another strong line-up for the Broadway series.  If you believe this….I’ve never seen Les Miserable.   It’s the kick-off this Fall and I will be seeing it this time around!

Jekyll and Hyde is also on the list as is Beauty and the Beast, War Horse and Book of Mormon.

I’m off to a breakfast meeting.  I hope you all have a good morning!


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