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“SLICK” THIEVES: Suspects Steal SUV

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Des Moines police are looking for car thieves who used an old magicians slight of hand trick to make an 11-thousand dollar SUV disappear.

Two people went in to Extreme Auto Sales in Des Moines Saturday to ask about a Lincoln Navigator, while their accomplice waited outside, possibly looking for security cameras.  While the salesman was distracted, he says, the woman looking at the Navigator switched keys with a similar sized Ford key, and handed the key back to him. The crooks then came back at about 10-o’clock at night with the stolen key and drove off with the Navigator.

"The lady was in the drivers side and she turned the vehicle on and I was talking to the other two gentlemen, they were messing with the oil, looking at the transmission and all that and the fluids and what not and she turned it over and it started." says salesman Jack Jepson,  "She was slick about it that's for sure."

Police have not made any arrests and have not recovered the vehicle.  The dealership is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

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